1. Business Problem:- Given an Image containing multiple text regions, detect the text regions and recognize the text in those regions.

Reading text from natural images is very useful in many domains like document analysis, robot navigation, scene understanding, self-driving cars, and image retrieval. It’s also one of the most challenging tasks because of the different fonts, sizes/scales, and text alignment in real-life images. Some of these applications require precise and faster text detection and recognition from the images (recognition from video streams), which makes text recognition strenuous.

Text Detection and Recognition have been two separate tasks in the past, implying…

Business problem:-

suggest relevant products as per users’ order history or predict which product a user has bought before is most likely to be purchased again.

Source of data :-

kaggle instacart market basket allowance https://www.kaggle.com/c/instacart-market-basket-analysis/overview

Existing approaches to the problem :-

It is a kaggle competition held in 2017 with 3000 entries

All the solutions can be found here


My Approach:-

Do all the pipelining of machine learning, i.e., eda, trying out various models, tuning the best model, and get the probability values to feed them into the expectation of f1 maximizing algorithm

The different threshold for different orders for maximizing f1 score:-

Suppose we have products A,B with probabilities .9 and…

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